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TILT- Miniseries

Release: 2023 – Altibox

Production: Shuuto
Writers: Arne Berggren, Miriam Sunde, Badrudin Ga’ur
Director: Miriam Sunde
Producer: Miriam Sunde, Arne Berggren
Cinematography: Mikkel Strøm
Editor: Alexander Grov, Henrik Holthe
Sound: David Engelstad, Bjørn Espeseth

Actors: Hamza Kader, Flo Fagerli, Per-Egil Aske

TILT is about Bashiir, a young immigrant living in Oslo, who struggles to separate reality from fantasy. When he encounters a young girl asking him to take her life, a door opens to a dark past he has tried to escape from.

©2023. Miriam Sunde & Badrudin Ga’ur. All Rights Reserved.