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THE NYX - Miniseries, episode 1

Release: 2023 – Altibox

Production: Shuuto
Writer and Director: Miriam Sunde
Producer: Miriam Sunde
Cinematography: Mikkel Strøm
Editor: Henrik Holthe, Hans-Jacob B. Frost
Sound: Bjørn Espeseth

Actors: Flo Fagerli, Agnes Melinder Stokland, Elpida Stojcevska

The Nyx is a mythological creature that lives beneath the water’s surface in ponds, waiting for darkness to fall in order to claim its victims. We follow a young couple who set up camp by a pond for the night, unaware of the danger lurking beneath the water.

©2023. Miriam Sunde & Badrudin Ga’ur. All Rights Reserved.