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Release: 2022

Director: Miriam Sunde
Writer: Fabian Leopold Hammerlin
Producer: Ida Falkgjerdet Svai
Cinematography: Joshua Jacob
Editor: Sven Inge Sjursen Espenes
Sound: Christian Xie, Glenn Solheim
Music:Julie Gundersen, Jørgen Gunnes
VFX: Lasse Bø Westrum

Actors: Johannes Langhelle, Lars Berge, Runa Birkeland

A young man with big dreams has been granted an audition with  one of the greatest directors of our time. His appetite for  fame is put to the test as he is thrown into horrifying ordeals  to prove his worth. Meanwhile, the director might have a  different agenda altogether.

©2023. Miriam Sunde & Badrudin Ga’ur. All Rights Reserved.