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Quick Cash - Short film

Release: 2022

Writer and Director: Badrudin Ga’ur
Producer: Liv Mathilde Høyer
Cinematography: Tor Alfred Montero Hov
Editor: Emanuel Kambo
Sound: Gabriel Tapia & Andreas Larsen

Actors: Fredrik Paalsen Aarkhus and Batuhan Berber

Quick Cash follows the story of Hermann and Ahmed as they embark on a risky deal in Oslo. With promises of quick money, the duo enters a phone shop to make a transaction, but things take a dark turn when Ahmed inadvertently ruins the deal. The plot intensifies as they find themselves being pursued, leading to a series of desperate actions, ultimately resulting in a tragic outcome that leaves Hermann reflecting on the consequences of their choices.

©2023. Miriam Sunde & Badrudin Ga’ur. All Rights Reserved.