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I LIMBO - Kortfilm

Premiere: 2022

Writer & Director: Badrudin Ga’ur
Producer: Eline Hegna
Director of photography: Leander Falkenberg
Editor: Oscar Ulseth
Sound designers:David Engelstad & Andreas Larsen

Cast: Hamza Kader, Ishan Sharma, Camilla Kløgetvedt & Bjørnar Bruun

Abel Tadasse, an asylum seeker from Ethiopia, is living in a reception center while waiting for his residency permit to be approved. He has a dream of having a normal life and being allowed to live freely in Norway. Abel has been living at the center longer than most and has gotten a job as a cleaning assistant. During one of his daily cleaning rounds, he comes across something unexpected; a dead body. As he calls for an ambulance, he sees himself in the mirror and realizes that he could be suspected. He leaves the body and wakes up to find the man hanging from the ceiling the next morning. Abel tries to inform Thomas, the head of the center, that it was a murder. He then realizes that Thomas was involved in hiding the body. This case was about more than just a murder; it was a system that tried to cover it up. Abel is then faced with a moral dilemma. Should he inform the police and risk losing his asylum status, or should he remain silent and let the murder go unsolved?

I LIMBO - Kortfilm