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Release: 2022

Writer & Director: Miriam Sunde
Producer: Mathilde Høyer
Director of photography: Mikkel Strøm
Editor:Jack Kemble-Clarkson
Sound designers: Glenn Solheim & David Engelstad
Music: Petter Marius Gundersen

Cast: Gabriel Gunerius, Siri Lyngaas & Lars Berge

In Christmas 1944 in Norway, Tom (12) and his mother Reidun live a sorrowful life following the loss of Tom’s father during the war. Tom overhears a young German soldier, Klaus, playing music in a snow-covered barn high up in the mountains. Despite Klaus’ uniform, they develop a close friendship, and Tom learns to play music from him. Christmas Eve approaches, and Tom brings his father’s old suit to the barn, inviting Klaus home for Christmas in the hope of recreating Christmas as it was when his father was alive. However, when Tom brings a German soldier home, the evening unfolds differently than expected. Tom tries to keep the evening alive, but as everything begins to unravel around him, he must confront his own suppressed emotions and realize that grief and longing cannot be fixed. He must let go of the fantasy of what should have been and face the reality of what is in order to move on from the loss of his father with his mother.

©2023. Miriam Sunde & Badrudin Ga’ur. All Rights Reserved.