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FARXIYA - Short film

Release: 2022

Writer & Director: Badrudin Ga’ur
Producer: Marius Hallem Nysæter
Director of photography: Joshua Jacob
Editor: Eskil Kønig
Sound designers: Kim Wroldsen & Gabriel Tapia
Music: Eivind Hannisdal

CastMohamed Aden Ali, Daniella Knutsen & Aleksandra Morozova

The story is about Sharif, a Somali military student in the Soviet Union in 1977. Sharif has a daughter, Farhiya, with a Russian woman, and lives in Leningrad. On Farhiyas 5th birthday, Sharif receives a call about an imminent deportation for him, and his daughter from the Soviet Union.

The next day, two Soviet officers come to his home and arrest Sharif and Farhiya, separating the child from her mother. Sharif protests the deportation of his child, but without a success. In the airport, Sharif escapes the eyes of the security and takes Farhiya to her mother. He breaks into a car and drives away from the airport. On the way, Sharif calls his wife, and she tells him to take the child to Murmansk, where she will be safe.

On their way to Murmansk, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Sharif looks for help, and ultimately decides to call the police to protect his daughter from the cold. Before the police come to his rescue, Sharif trusts two strangers, and lets them take his child to Murmansk.